How Full Is Your Cup?

How Full is Your Cup?

How full is your cup? logoLawson CIA members have been concerned about their student body when it comes to dealing with life’s pressures, demands and traumas. To help their peers not engage in risky behaviors, withdraw, substance use, violence and other unhealthy ways to deal with stress, they developed the “How Full is Your Cup?” campaign.
CIA students want their peers to know that

  1. There is a reason they are struggling – and not because they are “weak” or that something is wrong with them-but because they are carrying more than their minds/bodies are designed to handle,
  2. Stress/loss is a normal part of life that affects everyone in one way or another, and
  3. They are encouraged and supported to talk about and seek help for those stressors so they are able to take better care of themselves.

Main messages of the campaign:
1. I have a cup and it fills up.
2. My cup fills up differently than anyone else’s.
3. I can learn to empty my cup.

The week looked like:
Monday – All students watched a video made by CIA members that demonstrated the cup analogy and explains the activities for the week. Each student gets a cup with the campaign logo and “fullness” indicators (see image above for cup and below for indicators). Each cup has a colored piece of paper that prompts them to write down what fills their cups (stressors). Local and national resources are provided in the cup, as well.
Tuesday – Students who bring back their pieces of paper get their cups filled with hot chocolate. The pieces of paper that has each student’s stressor (anonymous) are displayed on the wall display of the cup (above right image).
Wednesday – A scavenger hunt was created that included a handout that prompts students to find answers to questions about healthy ways to empty their cup.
Thursday – Students will be asked to fill out white pieces of paper that ask them to write down healthy ways to empty their cups. As the day goes on, the colored pieces of paper inside the wall display of the cup cover the colored pieces of paper (that had each student’s stressor) showing “white space” as the cup empties.
Friday – Students viewed a follow up video of student interviews and footage of participation of the campaign’s activities. There was also a hashtag promotion for an Instagram contest.

Photo illustration: Sepi Tajima