Coping Skills

What are Coping Skills ?

Key to dealing with stress, anxiety, and mental illness is acknowledging and recognizing when we need some extra support. 

Coping skills are techniques you can use to productively cope with challenging situations and reduce the potential impact they have on our mental health. 

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Coping Skills Toolbox

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More Creative Coping Skills for Children by Bonnie Thomas

Recommended for all ages from 3 to 13

More Creative Coping Skills for Children by Bonnie Thomas

This workbook covers the different challenging behaviors children may experience and how to address them, including: building interpersonal and social skills; creating healthy boundaries; reducing oppositional behavior; anger management; increasing focus and reducing impulsivity; taming anxiety, stuck thoughts, and stuck behaviors; social anxiety and select mutism; improving sleep; sadness and depression; increasing self-confidence and self-esteem; loss and grief; traumatic events and illnesses; and family challenges.
Each chapter includes the challenges addressed, goals for the child, skills to build, interventions to try, accompanying stories and activities, and affirmations.
Many of the activities included in this workbook require certain art supplies that are commonly found in most elementary classrooms.

Coping Skills for Teens Workbook by Janine Halloran

Recommended for ages 11+

Coping Skills for Teens Workbook by Janine Halloran

This workbook is divided into coping styles: processing, relaxation, movement and sensory, and distraction.
In addition to the activities and handouts included throughout the chapters, the author also provides wellness worksheets such as a tracker for coping skills that have been tried, a current coping strategy worksheet, a weekly schedule worksheet and a self-care plan to guide youth through identifying when things are not going well and making a plan to use coping skills.

Special thanks to the National Alliance on Mental Illness