What Is How Full Is Your Cup?

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Program Overview

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Lawson CIA members have been concerned about their student body when it comes to dealing with life’s pressures, demands and traumas. To help their peers not engage in risky behaviors, withdraw, substance use, violence and other unhealthy ways to deal with stress, they developed the “How Full is Your Cup?” campaign.

Why This Campaign?

Lawson CIA members wanted their peers to know that:

  • There is a reason they are struggling – and not because they are “weak” or that something is wrong with them-but because they are carrying more than their minds/bodies are designed to handle.
  • Stress/loss is a normal part of life that affects everyone in one way or another, and
  • They are encouraged and supported to talk about and seek help for those stressors so they are able to take better care of themselves.

The Message

  1. I have a cup and it fills up.
  2. My cup fills up differently than anyone else’s.
  3. I can learn to empty my cup.


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Example of HFIYC Campaign Week

Here’s an example of what your campaign week could look like!

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