What is Signs of Suicide?

Program Overview

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SOS Signs of Suicide is an evidence-based program designed for middle and high school students that teaches youth to identify signs of depression and suicide in themselves and their friends. SOS has been distributed to over 10,000 schools and organizations across the country.

SOS student training can take place in as little as one class period. There are two primary components:

The ACT Message


…that you’re seeing signs of depression and/or suicide in yourself and others.


…by letting them know you’re worried about them.


…a trusted adult. 

On the day of the program...

  1. Students watch an educational video and participate in guided discussion about depression, suicide, and what to do if they are worried about a friend.
  2. Students complete a depression screening that indicates whether they have symptoms that may be consistent with depression (learn more about depression screening).
  3. Students complete a response slip noting whether they would like to speak to an adult following the presentation.
  4. School staff follow up with students as needed and notify parents of any follow-up conversation with their child.
  5. Some students may benefit from further assessment from a mental health professional. School staff provide families with resources and referral information.

SOS Student Videos

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What the Program Includes

Here are some of the other materials included in the SOS program.

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